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Under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, all-round development of Bihar has taken place with respect to all castes and classes- Manjit Singh.

*Under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, all-round development of Bihar has taken place with respect to all castes and classes: Manjit Singh.*

*Nitish Kumar made Bihar a hero from zero: Rinku Singh*

*Like Bihar, there is a need to give more strength to Nitish Kumar for the progress of the country: Bablu Mandal*

*Crowd of Kshatriyas gathered in JDU’s public dialogue program*
Khagaria, 15 November 2022
On Tuesday, Olapur Gangaur, under the leadership of District Janata Dal United’s District Bablu Kumar Mandal, to take inclusive development works in every field to the people under the resolutions, principles and visionary leadership of the country’s most recognized leader and popular Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar. A public dialogue program was organized between the Kshatriya Samaj in Baurna, Rajdham Mahenshakhunt and Usraha. The chief guest of the public dialogue program was JDU State Vice President cum State Spokesperson former MLA Manjit Kumar Singh and Balmiki Nagar MLA Dhirendra Pratap Singh alias as a special guest. Rinku Singh was present, the incoming guests were grandly welcomed by JDU leaders of the local Kshatriya Samaj by presenting them with organ clothes, bouquets and wearing garlands.
Chief Guest JDU’s State Vice President cum State Spokesperson former MLA Manjit Kumar Singh bowed down to the holy soil of Khagaria, feeling proud to receive the welcome honor for the first time on the holy land of Khagaria. During his elaborate speech, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar All the development works under the leadership of PM have been counted flawlessly. Mr. Singh inspired the people of Kshatriya community to strengthen the hands of Nitish Kumar by challenging him to overthrow Narendra Modi’s central government, which is responsible for unemployment and inflation. He said that Under the able leadership of Nitish Kumar, respect for every caste and class has increased and all-round development of Bihar has taken place. Youth are being given employment. She is fearlessly going to school by bicycle. A commission has been constituted for the upper castes. Putting an end to the brawl of BPL, along with all other classes, the Chief Minister is giving the benefit of the old age pension scheme to the poor upper castes as well. Students of Bihar- female students ITI, Polytechnic, Medical College, ANM, GNM Training College are being opened. Employment is being given to the youth by filling up vacant posts from Inspector, Amin, Teacher and Panchayat, Block and District to Secretariat. At the same time, 10,000 women have been given appointment letters for the post of ANM by CM Nitish Kumar. Whatever problems we have come across during the public dialogue, I will solve them by meeting the Chief Minister. He said that under the leadership of Narendra Modi Instead of fulfilling the assurance given to millions of youth of the country at the time of elections, the central government is playing with the future of these youth. Not giving. Because of which the houses of the poor are lying half-incomplete. Not giving the money for the pension of the poor. The gas cylinder which cost Rs 342 in Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government, then Smriti Irani is protesting with the cylinder on her forehead. At present, the price of the same gas cylinder has gone up to Rs 1150. Under the Ujjwala scheme, which provides gas to the poor Got the connection, due to inflation its refilling is also not being done. Tell me, what is the use of Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojana? Now BJP does not feel even a bit ashamed. Understand that the central BJP government is completely anti-people government.
Special guest Balmiki Nagar MLA Dhirendra Pratap Singh alias Rinku Singh said that Nitish Kumar made Bihar a hero from zero.
District President Bablu Kumar Mandal said that the work that has been done under the leadership of Nitish Kumar in every area of ​​Bihar, Nitish Kumar needs to be given more strength for the progress of the country like Bihar.
Beldaur MLA Panna Lal Singh Patel, former MLA Mohammad Zafar Alam, JDU district spokes



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